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    March 20, 2018 Share


    A simple tool to render out top down maps from 3dsmax. An ideal way utilizing the tool would be in creating tilable textures. Besides tilable textures, this will help in overlaying additional small scale details on already made in-game meshes in a much more straight forward fashion.

    Key Features

    • Author textures in 3Dsmax, using 3Dsmax powerful modeling Tools
    • Quick Iterations on textures
    • Get Normal, AO, Height and Color Selection Maps at once


    1. Download MZP from GitHub

    2. Drag-Drop the MZP on to 3dsmax

    3. Install and Enjoy !

    Quick Guide

    • Authoring Tileable Textures
      Note: The above shows the process. The quality of the output is not visible due to high compression of the image.


    UI Description
     Output Path:
     File Path: Sets output path to the current opened max file.
     Custom Path: Sets custom output path.
    .. : [Left Click] to set a directory. 
    .. : [Right Click] to open the set directory.
    Texture Settings:
    Aspect Ratio: Sets aspect ratio of the canvas/texture.
    Width: Set width of the texture in pixels.
    Height: Cannot be set. It depends on the aspect ratio chosen.
    Double/Half: Doubles or halves the texture size.
    Copy Last to Clipboard: Keeps the last rendered map in clipboard until next render.
    This makes it easy to paste the content in Photoshop or any other image editing application.
    Display Render Dialog: Show the render frame buffer.
    Maps and Options:
    [1] Tangent-Space Normal
    Green Channel: Set direction for the green channel. Default to Y-
    [2] Ambient Occlusion
    Quality: Set the quality of the map. Higher quality takes more time.
    Cast Shadow: Enable/Disable cast shadow per object. This option is useful for floating details.
    [3] Height
    No Options
    [4] Color Selection Mask
    Random: Randomizes color for all the objects on the canvas.
    Custom: Uses the existing wireframe/material color set by the user to render.
    [5] New Canvas
    Create new canvas in scene. Only one canvas can be present in the scene at a time.
    [6] Render
    Render maps with the settings provided. Current renderer should be set to Scanline.
    [7] Preview
    No Selection: Preview maps rendered on a plane.
    Object Selection: Applies preview material to the selected object.
    [8] Help
    Show quick help.
    [1] Pivot Placer
    Center: Center pivot for selected objects.
    Sub-Object: Context-sensitive. Sets pivot to the desired face, vertex or edge selection. Works on both Editable Poly and Editable Mesh objects.
    [2] Drop on Canvas
    Drop selected object on the canvas. Helpful in keeping details close by to canvas, resulting in an appropriate height map render.

    Road Map

    •  Multi-Canvas support in a scene
    •  Multiple UV Channel Support
    •  Support for Edge Padding
    •  Save to PSD
    •  Port to Maya & Blender

    In case of, issues or feedback, fee free to send a mail to: tooldev@dhruva.com

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