Dhruva Ride: Road Trip To Leh-Ladakh

Hello Hello !!! After a few successful and thoroughly enjoyable bike trips in and around Uttarakhand, our aspirations grew and we geared up for the mother of all bike rides – Leh!

After months of contemplating and planning we chalked out an itinerary of 15 days, all the way from Dehradun to Leh, further to Khardung La ­ the highest motorable pass and then back via Sonmarg and Dalhousie. As Robert Pirsig would say, “The idea was to make good time, with an emphasis on the good rather than time “.

Road trip to Leh-LADAKH Game development company in india

The Itinerary:

Day 1: Dehradun ­ Pullacher

Day 2: ​Pullacher ​­Kullu­Manali

Day 3: Manali ­ Rohtang­ Keylong

Day 4: ​Keylong ­ Nakeela

Day 5: Nakee la ­ Leh

Day 6: Leh

Day 7: Leh ­ Khardungla­ Hunder

Day 8: Hunder ­ Pangong tso lake

Day 9: ​Pangong tso lake​­Leh

Day 10: Leh ­ Kargil

Day 11: Kargil ­ Zojila ­ Sonmarg

Day 12: Sonmarg ­ Patnitop

Day 13: Patnitop ­ Dalhousie

Day 14: Dalhousie ­ Ambala

Day 15 : Ambala­ Dehradun


The Team:

Indian Game Developers team

From left to right: Manoje (on Enfield 500cc EFI), Brijesh (Enfield 350cc Std), Prajanny (Enfield 350cc Std), Raj Kumar (Yamaha FZ), Garima (riding pillion with Prajanny), Bijoy (Enfield 500cc Std) and Gaurav (lying down) (Bajaj Avenger)


Needless to say the trip was amazing and one to cherish for a lifetime. In this short time span we witnessed some the most stark and beautiful landscapes of India. Every bend unfolded a fresh view of the terrain, the sheer vastness and grandeur left all of us in awe and respect for nature’s creativity. Even with our latest “world machine” erosion algorithms, there’s still a long way to go... It was a truly humbling experience. 

Nature’s “world machine” in action

On a motorcycle, the sense of presence is overwhelming. You can feel the temperature go down as you climb to a pass and then go up suddenly as you descend into a valley. The wind on your face, the ice cold water in your shoes (from the last stream you crossed), to every vibration from the road… you are completely in contact with it all. It wouldn't be the same if we were boxed up, ​being tossed around in a car​.

As gamers and artists we live in a fantasy world (well, most of the time :), but actual travel can really bring the authenticity and feel to the experiences we create.

Now which game is that from ? :)

The roads were challenging in parts but mostly fun on a bike as you can bank into the winding hill turns and enjoy the thrill of gliding barely in control on loose gravel and rubble. A chill runs down my spine as i recall being pushed around by the rocks on narrow, barely existent road with a sheer drop on one side during the steep descent from Zojila Top.

Dhruva Interctive - Art Studio company

The treacherous Zojila Pass

Dhruva Interctive - Game and animation studio

Everything is shiny to the Physically Based Eye!

At the same time riding along gushing rivers with the sun on your face making the tarmac and rock boulders glisten, makes you actually believe in PBR heaven. ;P (Everything really is shiny!) No wonder most racing games feature tracks with the sun opposite you in golden hours lighting.

Riding along Dras river (near Kargil)

As we navigated through some of the highest motorable roads of the Himalayas, the drastic altitude changes brought mountain sickness but it didn't last long. Camps and Bonfires along the way added to the fun and adventure.

The people in the parts were a revelation… multiple times random strangers went out of their way to help us, whether be it pulling a bike out of a ditch or returning a lost money bag. Never too busy to be courteous and ask where you’re from or how long you’ve been riding. (Big thanks and gratitude to “Mr. Mohammed Ali” from Kargil !)

Finally when we thought it was over, we had to endure pouring rain for over 200 kms due to a cloudburst like situation in Uttarakhand. ​Nevertheless we made it back in one piece.

As Samuel “Sam” Drake said at the end of Uncharted 4: “As thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end you’re always left craving for more… and we are not done yet ;)  ... Till next time then, Ride Safe!

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Posted Date : 27 September 2016