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    March 20, 2018 Share

    Dhruva is proud to announce another successful Game Jam event and we are happy to say that every one of them was hosted by Dhruva Interactive.

    Global Game Jam is an annual event held all over the world under the umbrella of Global Game Jam Incorporated. Over 73 countries participate in the events centred on Creativity, collaboration and experimentation. Gamers, designers, developers and many others come together in various locations and come up with innovative gaming content based on themes like ‘Ritual’ for 2016. GGJ provides a platform for aspiring and professional game developers across the world to come together and build games over a period of 48 hours.

    Over the weekend of 20th -22nd January 2017, Global Game Jam was organized at Dhruva Interactive’s Bangalore studio. Dhruva has been conducting Global Game Jam Bangalore for 5 years now and it had brought us the opportunity to work with some great talents. The game theme for 2017 was ‘Waves’.

    Run entirely by volunteers, the approach of the studio towards organising the GGJ has been entirely selfless as they continue to conduct the events with no motives other than extending unending support to the gaming community. A shout-out to all teams for another successfully concluded Game Jam and we continue looking forward to more such attempts at bringing the gaming community to the forefront together.


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