What's your game?

Brush up your skills with these tips

Being India's oldest and most loved games design company, we would be delighted to educate and initiate gaming enthusiasts in to making splendid careers in the industry (and yes, earn too!!). This section provides a motley collection of online resources related to Game Creation.

01Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?
  • Yes you can, but the final decision for the position you would be eligible for will remain with the organization
02Where can I find the current job openings on the Dhruva website?
  • All current job openings with detailed information posted on our website under the careers page
03I have another question not covered in this section.
04Are there assessment tests?
  • Yes, with us, tests before the actual interview are common practice for the majority of positions so we can get a better idea of your practical skills.
05Can I have a company tour?
  • Yes absolutely, please contact hr@dhruva.com for any further information
06Could an internship turn into an actual job?
  • Yes, one of the reasons we have an internship program is to identify (and hire) top talent who'll be graduating soon
07Does Dhruva offer internships? What are the prerequisites to qualify?
  • Yes, for one with passion for game art! To qualify for an internship, one has to be a full-time student with game art or 3D related professional degree program or short-term training institutes. We give preference to final year students. Also those who have already graduated are also eligible.
08What should the portfolio contain (my demo reel)?
  • To have a stand out portfolio, its good to include only best works which showcase skills and the abilities that demonstrate your aptitude. The complete body of work can have work samples such as; Next-gen Props, Environments and Vehicles.
09How can I apply for a position in Dhruva? Who should one contact?
  • One needs to send his/her complete resume and portfolio web links, preferably by email to jobs@dhruva.com and will receive a prompt response from a member of our HR team.
10What can I expect during the Skype video call or a telephonic interview?
  • The Skype video call or Telephonic interview lasts about 15-30 minutes and is conducted by someone working in your area of expertise. One should expect questions about the area of expertise as well as skills and software knowledge.
11Can I send an unsolicited application?
  • If none of our available positions suit your preference, but you still think that you would be a perfect fit for us, feel free to send an mail with a covering letter stating your preferred area of work!
12 I have not been selected for a position. How long must I wait after completing the recruitment process before I can re-apply for another position?
  • You can re-apply to us after a period of 6 months
13What is the career evolution for freshers?
  • Career development is a lifelong process of managing, learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future. There is an initial training period where people work as juniors. After that career progression can be quite quick for the right & dedicated individuals. Most importantly they will be working on commercial games from the start.
14I like playing games and sketching can I intern with Dhruva?
  • Dhruva only takes interns who are already in a suitable course. We spend a lot of time and effort training and want this complemented by a tertiary course. Yes, but one should have worked exceptionally well with traditional art skills and have basic digital media knowledge of 2D and 3D tools.
15What path should I take to become a game developer/designer/artist?
  • You need to know both your strengths and what role you want to aspire to. Are you an artist, a designer, an engineer or maybe a producer? Or do you think testing and quality assurance is your thing? You then have to study and obtain a tertiary qualification in a relevant field. Artists and Engineers are pretty clear cut choices, but these days there are also game design courses out there. Most importantly be proactive and do something yourself or with friends. Have an idea and create a game!
16Is gaming/development a viable career option?
  • Not only is it viable but it's also an exciting career where'll you be entertaining people the whole world over.