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Dhruva provides game development and art creation services

We have been doing this for 19 years

Our clients like us:

continually investing in our talented teams

continually evolving and maturing our processes

continually delivering reliable, high quality services to our clients

for our 'partnership' approach

for being 'ahead of the curve'

for being 'solutions' oriented

and appreciate our willingness to invest in the relationships

and some of them have been with us for over 10 years

A Quick Peek At What We Do

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Partial Client List

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  • City Interactive - Video Game Producers

    "We have worked with Dhruva Interactive on two of our projects built on CryEngine3: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 and Enemy Front. I see Dhruva as solid, professional quality service providers. The flexibility they offered during the projects was very valuable to us, as we did outsource design of some of the elements within the 3D environment model scope and got all the support we expected. Besides the high quality provided, deadlines were always met. "

    City Interactive

    Outsource Manager
  • Turn 10 Studios - Game Development Company

    "Thanks to everyone at Dhruva for the great work you did, we couldn’t have delivered the high quality visuals we did without our key partners. Thank you, and we look forward to continuing a great relationship with you as well. "

    Turn 10 Studios

    Business Manager
  • Terminal Reality - Video game production Company

    "I’d like to thank you and everyone at Dhruva who worked on Star Wars Kinect. This was a challenging project, in particular due to the large scope, and Dhruva was tremendously helpful. The quality of the work was consistently high and assets were consistently delivered on time, despite the demands of scope and a schedule which was fairly tight at times. Communication was effective and timely. "

    Terminal Reality

    Art Outsource Manager
  • Team Dakota - Video Game Development Company

    "We are very happy with the art we are getting! It is nice to work so collaboratively and see that the artists are really getting our art style. It is also nice to have a team that has invested in our project and actively participates. We value teamwork very highly, and it’s super to have a team that exceeds expectations. "

    Team Dakota

    Outsource Manager
  • Starbreeze Studios - Video Game Developers

    "Dhruva has been collaborating with us since the fall of 2012, after they overachieved on an art test that we submitted to them. Dhruva has then provided us with a complete environment set for a coming Payday 2 DLC level, where they took on the full ownership of process and successfully executed the whole scope of the project. Providing all assets for terrain, main buildings, props, vegetation and backdrops. Apart from that they have producing the majority of the vehicles for Payday 2. "


    Art Manager
  • Remedy - XBOX Game Development

    "For our new Xbox One title, we were looking for a studio with excellent communication skills and a flexible attitude towards changing requirements. Dhruva was able to meet us on all those points, while being able to work within a budget at the same time. It was impressive how fast Dhruva was able to grasp what we needed and they’ve always delivered according or even above our expectations. "


    Outsourcing Artist
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